This is my mother Cheri Honkala. My mother and I were homeless for a couple years when I was 10 years old. Since then my mother has become one of the most effective human rights activists in the world. Due to the foreclosure crisis happening in this country, she has decided to run for Sheriff in Philadelphia to personally prevent foreclosures of peoples homes.

Please share this video. We can make an impact.

It’s up to us.





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11 responses to “CHERI FOR SHERIFF!!

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  2. zeynep

    I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I watched most of your movies and i think they are great. And i admire things you and your mother have been doing. Keep up!

  3. Gabby Zink

    Wow, I can see real passion in her. If I was in Philadelphia, I would definitley vote for her. I wish her the best of luck though!

  4. Alice

    She’s a hero! ( and my facebook friend).
    Hope youre ok Mark 🙂

  5. cincillia

    all I can say is just wow u guys are heros u and your mum im only 12 and i love u and ur mum

  6. asterisk

    I can’t speak for everyone, though I’m sure they would all feel the same way and agree with me about this, but I love you and I hope the weight is lifted off of your chest and you start feeling better soon. I hope you can breathe peacefully and calmly.
    You’ve already made it, you have terrific fans who love you and hang on to what you say, and we really are here for you if you need, or at least a few of us are, I’m sure of it.

    We miss you.

  7. Callie Honkala

    Cheri can and will make a difference. She has the determination, drive and pure heart to not stop until a change is made.

    CHERI FOR SHERIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I don’t think people realize how IMPORTANT her work is, or maybe I’m just super emo today….

    She helps restore my faith in humanity, because it’s easy to feel like it’s ‘every man for themselves’ out here – and to feel like no one REALLY cares.

    Need a Sheriff who cares AND understands.
    Maybe I should move to Philly.

  9. Carol Finkle

    Hey, EVERYONE who cares about the ISSUE (BANKSTERS throwing families out on the street)! It doesn’t matter if you live in Philadelphia, or not; it doesn’t matter if you are wealthy, or not; Just support Cheri4Sheriff the best that you can! Send $1 or $5 or $10 or $100, $500 … or $1million dollars. EVERY DOLLAR WILL HELP US MAKE SIGNS AND PAY THE RENT AT CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS AND THE PHONE BILL ETC….

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