Driving through Ireland.



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4 responses to “Driving through Ireland.

  1. Alice

    You’re lucky: sun, green trees, clean sky, life’s simple pleasures that make you feel happy.
    Warm greeting from México.

  2. hello…
    so um i think you should perhapse please write some more on your wordpress perhapse? Random but whats your stance on helping out people you don’t know? *ahem* as in reading things and giving feedback? anyhoo hope all is well!

  3. Hi Mark, how are you? How can I see the movie “Bomb the System”? Here in Brazil I can’t find it! I tried in so many stores and nothing… do you know anything about this movie here, in Sao Paulo-Brazil? By the way, you really are one of the best actors in my age. I’m a actress too and i really LOVE when the actor’s choices are not obvious. The characters that you always choose are so specials and courageous. Congratulations and keep going in that way! Ps. “Bomb the System”, please? kiss.

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