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Driving through Ireland.



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This is a short film I made in 2005 in Copenhagen on location while filming the Thomas Vinterberg and Lars Von Trier film “Dear Wendy”. The Idea was to do something on our downtime for fun and to poke a little fun at the “Dogme Manifesto” way of filmmaking, which the two filmmakers we were working with had created. What that meant to us was to just start shooting. So I did. It took about two days. I’ve held onto it for five years. Enjoy.


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Dublin, Ireland on 10-10-10


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I’m in dublin right now. I’ll be here for about a month. I have a lot coming up. I’m directing my second film starting when I get back to LA at the end of the month. I got a bunch of YouTube video shoots coming up, exclusive crazy content for my channel. I’ll post some Dublin photos here soon. What am I doing out here? I’m getting paid, so I can go home and make something extra special while also being able to feed my kid and give money to the “movement”. Love you. Peace.

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