In celebration of the release of “Scott Pilgrim” today I’m posting these shots from behind the scenes.

Our amazing DP Bill Pope.

The one the only Edgar Wright

This is part of a little series I did with everyone in between takes one night.

Johnny as Young Neil against a wall looking moody.

KIm Pine in a CK ad.

Ramona Flowers looking stunning as always.

Gideon taking a stake through the heart.

I decided to hold a broom for my self portrait.

I quickly got us all together for this self timer shot.



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7 responses to “SCOTT PILGRIM -VS- THE WORLD

  1. Bill Pope is so amazing at what he does.

  2. Andrea

    Good job. I love this photoshoot.
    One question… why a broom instead of a mop?

  3. Fredo

    Edgar Wright, that man is an amazing director! And the crew he assembled were great- they all made the movie what it is!

    And, like, so did the actor/actresses ;D

    (Really, you were perfect as Stephen Stills)

  4. Marche100

    I really loved seeing Scott Pilgrim (not once, but twice). Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can pick a copy of it up.

    I read some of the books before I saw the movie, and Stephen Stills is undoubtedly my favorite character from the series. You pulled his character off perfectly, and your singing was awesome, so great job. 😀

  5. TheresaZphotography

    Awesome pictures!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ian Niemeyer

    after weatching the movie I started to imagine how was all the ”behind the scenes” stuff, ’cause you guys are such a nice crew! must have been awesome to be part of the Scott Pilgrim cast… thanks for sharing the pics with us, they are really amazing!

  7. cincillia

    I love scott pilgrim cool as movie

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