The Blue Moon on New Years.


Happy New Year everyone.

Have goals but don’t live in the future or the past.

Stay Present and in the moment.


Thank you to everyone who came to read Steve’s interview yesterday and today. The winners have already been notified, so you can stop posting comments guessing the answers to Steve’s prize questions but please feel free to continue to post your thoughts on the interview or any other of my posts.

The answer’s were: Steve used Lil Wayne’s words to answer the question “What would you do with a billion dollars”? The part about having his own freeway was his own. Steve got Lil Wayne’s words from a documentary called “Tha Carter”. The connection between Little wayne and Steve is: Steve directed me in his film “The Good Life” that premiered at the Sundance film festival, and my friend Adam Bhala Lough directed  “Tha Carter” documentary that also premiered at Sundance. I was in Adam’s second film “Weapons” that was also up at Sundance the same year Steve and I were there with “The Good Life”. Get the connection?

It was an honor to have Steve be the launching Interview in my ongoing Interview series. I received over 25,000 views yesterday because of what Steve has built over at theberrics.com 

I encourage all of you to continue to sign up for subscriptions, because there is strength in numbers and this ain’t  your average blog people.

Next interview’s up are with Michael Cera and then Adam Bhala Lough (“Tha Carter”, “Bomb The System”, “Weapons”).

Stay tuned.





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11 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Happy New Year! We missed you on this coast but send hugs and loves and wishes for an amazing new year! Xoxo D, J and O’Rae

  2. Great shot of the blue moon and I couldn’t agree more.The past has taught and the future is yet to be so living in the now is the only way to be…………

  3. Ashleigh

    Michael Cera….see…now that makes me happy….Dude’s easily the coolest Canuck ever….can’t wait for that interview!!

    Love the blog!

  4. Chris

    Bomb the System was a sick movie

  5. lisa

    thanks mark for keeping it real and being real ! explicit ills was amazing! love the blog and all of your work….cheers to you in 2010!

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