For checking out my blog. It’s been two weeks now since the launch and the response has been great. For anyone who has a blog or a website you know it’s all about page views, you constantly log in and check out your stats. I mean what’s the point of talking if nobody is listening, and you all have been listening.

As this site moves forward I will continue to be silly and talk about normal bloggy type stuff, but really what I am interested in is talking about big issues as I’m sure you have already noticed. It will get serious, I may offend or push some buttons but all with the intent to create a dialogue between us. So thanks for visiting and please come back and let me know what you’re thinking.

My first interview in my interview series will drop by the end of this week, so look out for that. Also check out some of my links. There are some pretty incredible artists on that list  you should know about.

Hope you have a great day.




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One response to “THANKS!

  1. Ashleigh

    I can’t wait for the interviews….I think you should interview your mom….I learned a little bit about her watching promotions for “Explicit Ills”. Smart lady with a message=great interview….

    Oh, and Rosario Dawson…..just because she’s set a standard for me as an actress…

    Just my 2 cents….Love this blog!

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