smiley face.

In the upper right hand corner of this page, just below the search button. See it? It’s tiny.

How did it get there? Was it always there?

I didn’t do it.

Is it really there?

Am I crazy?

Please let me know as I get back to work on some of these hot posts to come.




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29 responses to “smiley face.

  1. Joe

    Did you install the Stats plugin? It makes a smiley face!

  2. its off of “the carter documentary” lil wayne says it in his interview

  3. Ryan Gallacher

    The answer to the quote challenge is Lil’ Wayne. From his movie ‘The Carter Documentary.’ HOODIE PLEASE!?

  4. lil wayne in the documentary

  5. Alexander Scott

    5 revalations of lil wayne. i remember that from along time ago. who’d think useless knowledge could get a free hoodie. lol

  6. Jonathan P

    It was LITTLE WAYNE! From his Documentary! I take it someone else got it first!?

  7. Jonathan P

    ohhh noo! Day late, answer short. Always the case. Thanks for all you do anyway Steve!

  8. michele casartelli

    the berra answer is from donovan right ? donovan strain

  9. Jonathan P

    Actually no one said what answer was added by you. Little Wayne never said he would have his own freeway, that is the Steve Berra exclusive answer, I don’t know if the quote first appeared somewhere else, but it was seen in “The Carter Documentary”

    Since no one else said which answer you added, does that mean I win?

  10. andrew herrington

    did you get that answer with all the crazy coca cola shit and pre-nup what nots from donnovan strain??

  11. Kyle Aldredge

    magic, yes, yes, your not crazy

  12. andrew herrington

    i could use a hoody, is freezing here.

  13. it was lil wayne but the guy above me forgot to say what part you added in and it was at the end when you said “dont holla atchya boy” key word dont

    oh and i agree with you on the us govrment thing kinda becuase im somewhat against the capitalist system im for a orwellian type socialism but more of a balancce of the two

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”
    George Orwell quote

    if i got a hoodie it would be really sick to im an XL like it fitting a little big

  14. Dante Rotelli

    is it jash from i just googled dat shit.i was on that website and i think i saw brandon bieble so i hope im right, i really need an article of clothing without a hole in it.

  15. angus winship

    its totally lil’wayne you no its true now can i have my free board or hoodie. please! please! i have been skating my same deck for two years and its almost going to crack. i need myself a new board dog but you arent that you are that but backwerds. (GOD) of skating!

  16. Andrew Wong

    its from donovan at the berrics and the only answer that was from you was the part about having your own freeway

  17. Jesse Negrete

    Lil Wayne – The Carter Documentary
    steve’s answer(i’d have my own freeway)

  18. Shaddy

    haha when i was reading the billion dollar thing, i was like he’s saying the exact thing lil wayne said. Well i guess some people beat me to it.

  19. Anthony Kasch

    it was evil knievel!!!!

  20. Anthony Kasch

    it was evil knievel

  21. Dragos

    it`s taken from the documentary with lil wayne(“The Carter Documentary”)

  22. hudson

    Yes, i can believe that he has been skating for 24 years.

  23. jesus echevarria

    LIL WAYNE-CARTER -“The Carter Documentary”

  24. Justin Arzadon

    Lil Wayne…Carter Documentary

  25. Justin Arzadon

    you wanted your own freeway

  26. Tosh

    The way the answer relates to you is because you are fighting a war against the huge companies and you just want skateboarding to go back to the way it used to (before zumiez and whatnot)That’s why you’re unifying shops.

  27. gabriel garcia

    isnt it from the movie head of state
    an chris rock says it
    i think

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