And fuck you, you piece of paper that controls the world. No matter how much I hate you, I need you. No matter how much stress you cause me, I need you. No matter how much pain, energy, sadness, thoughts, and time you take from me, I need you.

The group of people that make you and what they use you for is at the core of all evil and suffering that happens on this planet.

Yet every now and then I think if I had more of you I’d be happier.


What really makes me happy comes from within and has way more worth in this world then money.

I encourage you to do your own research on what The Federal Reserve is.

And let’s talk about it.




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  1. IZA

    Good one, Mark. Now I’ll b tossin’ in bed, unable to sleep, for ANOTHER hour.

  2. Right on. I just happened to finish a paper on the Fed. After reading “End the Fed” and “Web of Debt” the way you view this country completely changes. The fiat money we use today is a farce. Being able to use “quick fixes” and ask the unregulated, private bank for money out of thin air is a horrible practice. I could go on for days.

  3. aliks

    if only more people saw past the veil created by the media.

  4. s.page


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