Black Friday Kills.

Do these women look happy to you?

5,000 people lining up outside of Macy’s in NYC, I mean come on people, really?! Can you imagine if 5,ooo people lined up for something positive. What if those 5,000 people lined up and gave something away. They probably would feel much better. The average person nowadays has so much stuff, way too much stuff, literally weighing them down. I know I did.

Black Friday is disgusting to me. It represents so much that is wrong with this country (the world) in my opinion. Over consumption. Consume, stress, consume, stress. Want, want, want. Being tricked into thinking that material items equal peace. “When I get that new flat screen then I’ll really be able to relax”. Even thinking that love equals a toy, or a diamond, or a car. It doesn’t .

I’ll use my son for an example. He is just turning a year and a half old. He could care less about his toy truck, he only plays with it because I gave it to him. What he really enjoys is to get out of the house and take a walk, play in the park and walk right up to other little kids and give them hugs and kisses. That is the way we come into this world.

Unfortunately because of big business we quickly learn otherwise.

So if you really want to give someone a gift this holiday season, give them your time and energy. Listen to them, tell them you love them because you could die in the next minute and would this computer really matter?

I know my son would rather play with his dad then inherit his laptop.



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8 responses to “Black Friday Kills.

  1. hey mark, very well said. now you should write a post about ‘how to slowly let go of your unnessicary material things’ 🙂

  2. Marketing is terrible…probably worse than saturated fats and mercury and swine flu and whatever else is out there trying to kill us…Anything that’s sole purpose is to figure out how to make Joe consumer want to stand in line for 5 hours and go into debt over a plastic piece of shit that was made in China that will fall apart in a month can’t be good…
    Anyway, I agree…giving someone your time and energy is worth way more than any object you can give them…I think both our kids are lucky that we aren’t the types to just drown them in toys and ignore them…and besides…they’re way too cute to ignore 🙂

  3. Ashley Rickards

    Ok, so if I waited outside K-mart for 10 minutes this morning to make as many Toys for Tots donations as Fiscally possible in my situation, that’s like standing in line to give something away right? Great blog!!

  4. I agree so much! I was just thinking about this, and in a way I’m kinda greatful we don’t have Black Friday shenanigans where I live. We do have way too much stuff, consumerism is kinda sad. And it’s also difficult to separate yourself from it, isn’t it? I also ditto the comment above asking for the ‘how to slowly let go of your unnessicary material things’ post 🙂

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